Master of Agri-Enterprise & Technology Management (M.AETM)

The duration of the proposed ‘Master of Agri-Enterprise & Technology Management’ degree [M.(AETM)] program is one Academic Year. The ‘Academic Year’ consists of 02 Semesters of 15 weeks each and...
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21 December 2023
Master of Agri-Enterprise & Technology Management (M.AETM)
Master of Agri-Enterprise & Technology Management (M.AETM)
Master of Agri-Enterprise & Technology Management (M.AETM)

The duration of the proposed ‘Master of Agri-Enterprise & Technology Management’ degree [M.(AETM)] program is one Academic Year. The ‘Academic Year’ consists of 02 Semesters of 15 weeks each and academic program is based on ‘Course Credit System’, where the students will be assessed continuously throughout the semester (i.e. formative) and end-semester evaluation (i.e. summative) will be held at the end of teaching of each course. The students will be informed about the type and schedule of continuous assessment at the beginning of each course unit.

The Master of Agri-Enterprise & Technology Management (M.AETM) program at Wayamba University of Sri Lanka offers a dynamic and comprehensive education for individuals aspiring to excel in the agri-business sector. This interdisciplinary course blends advanced agricultural science, business management, and cutting-edge technology, ensuring that graduates possess the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry. The program emphasizes practical applications and real-world problem-solving, fostering an environment where students can actively engage with the latest innovations and trends in agriculture and technology.

At Wayamba University, the M.AETM curriculum includes a diverse range of subjects such as sustainable farming practices, agri-tech innovations, financial management, and marketing strategies specific to agricultural enterprises. Faculty members, who are experts in their respective fields, provide students with both theoretical insights and practical experiences. The university’s state-of-the-art facilities, including modern laboratories and research centers, enable students to conduct cutting-edge research and gain hands-on experience with the latest agricultural technologies.

Students in the M.AETM program participate in various industry collaborations, internships, and field projects that expose them to real-world challenges and solutions. These experiences not only enhance their learning but also build a strong network of professional contacts in the agri-business sector. Wayamba University maintains strong partnerships with local and international agricultural organizations, providing students with opportunities to collaborate on innovative projects and gain insights into global agricultural practices.

Moreover, the program encourages entrepreneurship and leadership, equipping students with the skills to launch and manage successful agri-enterprises. Courses in business planning, project management, and strategic decision-making help students develop a comprehensive understanding of the business aspects of agriculture. Graduates of the M.AETM program emerge as well-rounded professionals capable of driving innovation and sustainability in the agricultural industry.

Wayamba University’s commitment to academic excellence and research ensures that students receive a high-quality education. The supportive learning environment, combined with the university’s focus on practical training and industry relevance, prepares graduates for rewarding careers in agri-enterprise and technology management. By fostering a blend of scientific knowledge, technological proficiency, and business acumen, the M.AETM program at Wayamba University stands out as a leading choice for aspiring agricultural professionals.

Course Fee❇️ 125,000 LKR
❇️ Can be paid in installments
❇️ Stundets loan schemes through reputed banks

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